Monthly Recap May

Monthly Recap May


At Home


We have now lost track of how many weeks we have been working from home. Since March the world has been a little quieter than we have ever seen it before. We have not made any trips, events have been canceled and we have gradually approached the newly gained “freedom” with the government’s easing. Nevertheless, it is no less exciting because a lot is going on behind the scenes and there are daily news about our wedding preparations. I had put together a detailed article about our Wedding Update for you here last week.

I took a first small step towards normality during Pentecost. For the first time I started my journey home by train and from there I went with my best friend over to Norderney. Those who have been following us for a while may know that the so-called “White Sands Festival” always takes place on the East Frisian island during this weekend. Of course, this was canceled, but we enjoyed three days of relaxation, some sunshine and in fact it felt like a short vacation.




In spite of everything, we all found that we were able to learn positive things from this exceptional situation. It’s not just the little things that people love to talk about. There are moments that you miss because you have always taken them for granted.

– For me, for example, that Sven and I have dinner regularly for the first time since we have been together. Because he usually trains at least 3-4 times a week in the evening, I spent most of the week alone. This is definitely the greatest asset and something that I look forward to at some point in the future.

– I also enjoy that we have developed a similar sleep routine in which we go to bed earlier and get up almost at the same time. You just notice that our everyday life can be adjusted to each other a little more during this time and that we gain more time together.

– My daily highlight is that I have learned a little morning exercise routine that I currently feel super comfortable with.

– Other small highlights in May were that we had a barbecue with a couple of friends, surprised Svens Mom on Mother’s Day, we took a wonderful trip on a scooter and there was a positive turn for Kiras and Flo’s civil wedding.

– Not to be forgotten, of course, the short trip to Norderney with my friend, where I got so much fresh air and sun as I haven’t had for a long time.

– I’m also incredibly grateful that I wake up every day and have a job that makes me happy. We have implemented so many great projects in the past few weeks, which I am very proud of. Finally we have our own presets and story stickers in a small shop and it is an indescribable feeling to see this result after weeks of work.



F A V O R I T E  L O O K S


N E W  I N



F A V O R I T E  P O S T

We are totally happy that you like our recipes so much. This month the most read blog post is the recipe for Kira’s vegan apple tarte. If you haven’t seen and tried it yet, you should definitely do it again.


B E S T  O F  I N S T A G R A M



Food has not been neglected this month and we are pleased that you also like the recipes. We are increasingly linked to your creations and the exchange with you is just nice. You can find all inspiration in our FOOD category and in our Instagram Story Highlight.



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