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As you know, I love jumpsuits and have already some pieces in my wardrobe. But, the right styling for a one-piece isn’t always easy. Before I started wearing a jumpsuit I had to test some different ways of wearing a jumpsuit and not every look went well. So I had to learn how to style a jumpsuit the right way, because often the fit of a one-piece isn’t 100% and the all over look can be very massive. Little problem zones are hard to hide because they can’t be covert by a top and a lower part. Although, you can save some time in the morning by choosing a jumpsuit, because you don’t have to create a hole look with different pieces. Nevertheless there are some tricks and tips on which you should pay attention.


  1. Wear filigree shoes. For example, heels, sandals or slippers. Chunky shoes can make the allover look even more massive than it already is.
  2. Grab a small bag. This has exactly the same reason as in point one. The outfit doesn’t look so massiv when you wear a small bag instead of a huge shopper.
  3. Go for filigree jewelry. Since the jumpsuit itself is already an eye-catcher, it shouldn’t be combined with too much jewelry. Choose a fine chain, filigree rings and small ear plugs, this is enough.
  4. Since a jumpsuit can act boyish very quickly, I try to underline the look with feminine details. For example you can show a little bit of lace.
  5. Try different styles. Every woman has a different figure.


xo Sonja



“Jumpsuits aren’t so easy to style – I also had to try different looks to find the perfect one for me.”




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Jumpsuit: Zara (similar here)

Necklace: Pandora (here)

Shades: Ray Ban (here)

Bag: Chloe (here)

Shoes: Marc Cain (similar here)


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  1. Cooler Look! Ich liebe Jumpsuits auch, jedoch nur die, deren Beine maximal am Knie enden. Ich habe noch keinen langbeinigen Jumpsuit gefunden, der lang genug für mich ist – die meisten hören irgendwo über dem Knöchel auf und das sieht dann so schnell nach “Hochwasser” aus 😀

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