IT Bags – why I like to invest in Designer bags

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Anyone who knows me knows that I have a special desire for designer bags. The love and the fascination have always been there, but not always the necessary pocket money to afford it. Over the years, however, I have changed my attitude to my buying behavior significantly. Because where is the point buying a cheap bag , if it doesn’t even last for one year. At that time, I preferred to own rather plenty of cheaper bags than to save my money to buy one special designer bag. But at some point, I changed my mind completly. During my studies, I started saving all my tip, which I earned at my waitress job.

“At the top of my wish list was the Givenchy Antigona and in my mind I only saw a ” Loading “beam that grew bit by bit.”

Every designer bag that I bought so far is also a value investment. Because the prices of the designer grow rather than the products lose value. Do not get me wrong, I understand well that not everyone is willing to invest half a fortune in a small bag. And not everyone may understand my passion for my little companions. But to all shopping lovers who share the same passion with me, I would always give them this tip on the way.

“Better save your money for something special, than keep on buying a lot of cheap pieces!”

Because one thing is for , the bags will accompany you for a lifetime and even passed down through generations.

“A special investment that will always remain special.”


I T  B A G S

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  1. Da hast Du recht. Ich finde es tröstet einen immer darüber hinweg, dass man bei Designer Handtaschen ncht das Gefühl hat, man verabschiede sich auf Nimmerwiedersehen von seinem hart ersparten Geld. Man bekommt einen Gegenwert und im Gegensatz zu Sportwagen verliert die Tasche nicht die Hälfte ihres Wertes nach dem ersten Tragen!

    xo Rebecca

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