Birthday Girl – Fear of aging

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Who doesn`t know the feeling from their childhood? Sleepless nights, an exciting tingly feeling in the tummy and you countdown the days until this very special day. I think there is almost no kid that doesn’t look forward to its birthday and to get older. However, as soon as your teenage years are over and you reached the legal age the game changes.

“The serious life starts, and you grow up.”

The older you get the more you miss your younger years – The easy life, when you simply started each day and had nothing to worry about. You have more and more reasonability’s and duties and you even start to fear aging.

I cannot believe that I reached my legal age 10 years ago and the time after that passed by in no time. Whoever was paying attention, knows that today is my 28 birthday. Was I looking forward to this day? – I can tell you one thing, I have never lost euphoria for my birthday. I am still as crazy about my birthday as a child. And I am also not scared to get older. On the contrary… as much as I enjoy my time in my 20s, I am looking forward to start a family with Flo. Don´t be afraid to grow older and look forward to the great moments and the beautiful time that is waiting for you.

As they say – Anticipation is the greatest joy!”

For my birthday look I decided to wear a cozy knit Hoodie from Edited the Label and a jacket that in the same shade.

xo Kira

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  1. Huhu, ich bin mir bei Geburtstagen noch nicht so sicher ob ich sie mag oder nicht … bis zum 19. verging die Zeit so langsam und danach ging es Schlag auf Schlag und schon kann man Geschichten erzählen, die mit “vor 25 Jahren, da …” beginnen. Wahnsinn, oder? Trotzdem Happy Birthday! LG Tanja

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