Sister Act – Streetstyle Notting Hill

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Schwestertntrip Notting Hill

Sister Act – Streetstyle Notting Hill… There was a time, in which we were traveling with our dolls on vacation, every Saturday at 7:00 am in the morning. It means, we set our dolls with us on the bed, reconstructed a car and have our children fantasy trip into the distance. Then the time of scratching and biting was quite high in demand. What was the point of contention, we didn’t knew exactly.

After childhood, we visited the same school and came along sometimes better and sometimes worse. Small catfights between sisters are quite normal, I guess. But there was actually a time, when we were just too busy with ourselves and growing up, that the friendship between us was something on the track.

But when the little sister  moved to the then large and unknown Hamburg, we realized, what the other mean to us. I visited her then and I fell in love with Hamburg directly. My studies made me also move to  the same city and we even lived together in a  sisters- flat for almost three years. Ups and downs, included:D

Now after I’m gone a step further and have opted for an apartment with my boyfriend, the friendship with my “little sister” is actually better then ever before! We have realized, that we are very similar in many aspects, have the same basic settings and have fun together. Therefore, our spontaneous city trip was a great experience and we decited to travel to another destination every year . Because we are not only sisters, but also good friends and it’s just nice to know, that at least one of the family is always close in Hamburg.

P.S. Thank you Jeremy Möller for the great pictures <3

Photoshooting in Notting Hill

Velour Skirt

Fashion Squad

Close up

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