You can do it: How to motivate yourself

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The world is still upside down and our motivation for home office, house cleaning or home workouts is slowly disappearing. We can no longer speak of a real everyday life as we knew it a few weeks ago. Social distancing, the longing to have a barbecue with all of our loved ones, play games or just chat, and the uncertainty of how things will go in the next few weeks and months gets us down slightly. Still, we have to make the best out of the situation! Therefore, we have put together a few tips for you that could help you regain new motivation. And we also have something special for you …

Have fun, have a nice week and be excited!

T I P 1: Plans & Lists

To-Do lists have an extremely positive effect on our motivation. Our brain tends to think in an endless loop of the things we still have to do. It feels like we have a lot more to do and so we get restless and stressed. Take a nice notebook, your smartphone or your laptop on the evening before or in the morning and write down your tasks. Thus we don’t forget things so quickly and can start our day in a more structured way.

Speaking of To-Do lists: it also helps to follow a plan when it comes to sports. There are now countless free homeworkout videos on YouTube and Instagram. Since it is also hard for us to motivate ourselves, we have created a small home workout plan from the various workout videos of our favorite fitness bloggers and personal trainers. Let’s power through this week!

In addition to a plan new sports clothes also give us new motivation. Do you need inspiration? Then have a look at Sonja’s post, in which she shows three different looks for homeworkouts.

T I P P 2: New routines

Routines ensure a more structured everyday life. But if every day is the same, it can also lead to boredom with one or the other and of course that is not motivating at all. Try to add variety to your routines and thus bring some momentum into your everyday life. It doesn’t have to be big changes. For example, if you’ve always worked out in the evening, try it out to do your workout in the morning for a while. The first step after waking up is to your phone? How about a 30-minute cellphone-free time after getting up and before going to sleep, for example.


T I P P 3: Reward yourself!

Rewards encourage motivation. Think of a reward for every day or any major task you need to do. For example, this could be a scoop of ice cream or a glass of wine on the balcony after a successful day in the home office. Reward yourself with the purchase of a new book or a new pair of shoes at the end of a week in which you have worked through your to-do list. How big or small the reward should be or for which successfully completed task(s) / challenge(s) you want to give yourself is entirely up to you!

Extra tip: Try the 45/15 method. You do what you have to do with full concentration for 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes, in which you can do whatever you want – a short walk, a power nap or reading a book. Another 45-minute concentration phase is following. You can of course set your own intervals as you wish. It is only important that you stick to the set time periods.


What do you think? Are you motivated for a new, great week? We hope that one or the other tip will help you. Feel free to link us in your stories when you complete our homeworkout plan or give us feedback on how you like the plan!

Let’s do it together!


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