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At Home


This month was probably not only for me the most unusual month in a long time. We are all at home and our everyday life has changed completely from one day to the next. This month we would have actually had a short trip to Marseille, via Mallorca and Barcelona, but unfortunately the current situation has not allowed this to happen.

That is why we have to stay at home and above all trying to stay positive!

Henrik and I have already set up a proper daily rhythm here at home and so I have the feeling that time is just passing by.

Our day starts between 7.30 a.m. and 8 a.m. – we get up, drink our coffee together and watch the news to be up to date. Afterwards we have breakfast, at the moment this is mostly an acai bowl or porridge. For me the first little highlight of the day 🙂 After breakfast it’s time finish some work. We separated from each other spatially because we can just work more effectively in this way. Henrik has set up his desk in the living room and I am sitting in the kitchen with my laptop and a pot of tea. At 1:15 p.m. I usually have a second coffee and a snack, usually a Knoppersriegel or a Franzbrötchen. Then I’m going back to work. At the moment we have our lunch is kind of late. But we cook fresh every day and so this meal is somehow our little highlight of the day. After eating, we work again for 1-2 hours and before we realize that it is already 7pm. We spend our evenings totally different. I love to lie down on the couch and read a book or watch Suits on Netflix. Henrik meets up with his boys and plays with his Playstation. Then we end our day together, have dinner, go for a walk or do some grocery shopping.

Meanwhile this is a normal day at home for us. I totally got used to our daily routine and despite the bad situation all over the world, I am happy to spend so much time with Henrik. We see each other very rarely in our normal everyday life and so I am more than happy about the time now together.




I don’t how you are feeling, but one of my highlights is definitely our eating routine! No matter if lunch, dinner or breakfast, I look forward to every meal and I am in a snack mood almost all the time! In addition to eating, I also try to do workout from time to time. Henrik and I went jogging in the Boberger Dünen last weekend – it is just so beautiful there and you can relax in the forest and enjoy the beautiful nature. At home, I do a short yoga session almost every day and I have to say that I just feel a lot better physically and mentally when I do sports. It doesn’t matter to me whether at home or outdoors, I just feel really good afterwards.

I also have the feeling that right now you are much more happy about the little things in life that suddenly take on a much greater importance. Especially, when it comes to social contacts. I am so happy when I can go for a little walk with a friend or see my family via FaceTime. Things that seemed so normal to us have suddenly become something very special.

However, I am very happy when normality returns and we can all live our lives almost normal again. Things we took for granted, will be definitely appreciated a lot more now.


F A V O R I T E  L O O K S


N E W  I N



F A V O R I T E  P O S T

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B E S T  O F  I N S T A G R A M



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We stay at home!
xo Sonja
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