LFW – How to combine summer styles for autumn

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Once more, after only one day and two nights in Hamburg, we are in the plane again. This time our destination is London, to be specific, our first London Fashion Week. Which means the whole suitcase was unpacked this weekend and everything ended up in the laundry basket. Meanwhile, I tried to stay awake and fight my jetlag by drinking lots of coffee. Somehow, the jetlag hit me harder than ever and I feel totally dazed. Nevertheless, I am very excited to go to London and looking forward to four days of inspiration and new encounters. I even have to admit, that I am a bit nervous, because we don´t know what to expect at all from the upcoming days. How long will it take us to go from meeting number one, to show number two and what kind of transportation would be the best to choose. However, I am confident about the fact that we will manage, because it is not the first time for us in London and therefore we know the city a bit.

In regards of my fashion choices, I picked my favorite summer pieces and will combine them with soft knit sweater and oversized coats to create the perfect fall outfits. Hence, my fashion heart beats faster when the thermometer is around 20 degrees. There is no other combination I like more than, a mixture of light dresses and chucky-knit. Additionally, midi-dresses or skirts are just as great to create amazing autumn trends. Therefore girls, use these golden autumn and late summer days to wear your summer favorites one last time.

xo Maike







Skirt: H&M (here)

Pullover: H&M (similar here)

Sunglasses: Cèline (similar here)

Bag: Balenciaga (here)

Boots: Flattered (similar here)



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