Keep Motivated – Tips to stick to the good intentions

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Resolutions aren’t only made at the beginning of a new year. Again and again we have big plans but we fail. But what is the reason for this?

In order to understand why head and body are not always in harmony and the implementation of good intentions are often doomed from the outset to fail, the following facts are helpful:

A good intention always involves a wish-presentation, something non-committal, a project. With a goal you establish what is to be achieved.

If you make this difference clear, the first step towards accomplishing your goals is done. But there are also tricks that personally help me not lose my will over a long period of time.

My intention for 2017 is probably the same as many others. I want to be a little bit fitter and healthier. My immune system is not the best. Therefore, I decided to look after myself and my body even more.  I was always athletic, but there were great fluctuations in my discipline and I could never make any real progress.

The following tricks helped me personally to stick to my goals. Together with my boyfriend, I dedicate myself to the topic of healthier nutrition. We simply try to use more fresh foods, eat no candy and cook together. The following tips help me in focussing on my goals:

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Keep Motivated – Tips to stick to the good intentions

  1. The goal is clear. Now it’s about becoming active. It can help to identify appropriate steps and measures to achieve the goal. “How can I be more sportive and why have I failed so far?” Nevertheless, the goals should be realistic. The achievement of each stage motivates more than the failure of a too high goal.
  2. Especially in sports, it helps me personally to follow strict rules. If I planned to workout every second day, I do this too. If I can’t go to the gym for some reason, I have to get active in a different way. Then I’m doing a workout at home. Even though it isn’t as effective as the usual session. Because there are no excuses if you really want to reach your goal!
  3. Often a lack of time management is the reason why we aren’t achieve our goals. So it is necessary to make our time management work. The sports program has to become a fixed date in your calendar. Even better if you meet a friend for the workout and make it become a routine. Because sport is more fun with a friend.
  4. Find an ally to help you achieve your goals. You don’t believe how much more you can discipline  yourself in a team.
  5. If you do not like sports, you have to find something that motivates you. Personally, it always helps me when I try new sports equipment, good music or new training plans. If you feel comfortable during  your workout and wear new sportswear, this can actually increase your motivation a lot.

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xo Maike

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