Jumpsuits – The Most Beautiful Pieces For Any Body Shape

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Overalls are probably one of the best trend pieces ever and won´t leave us anytime soon. Personally, I love them because they are so easy to style. You have a part, you put it on and you’re as good as done. Meanwhile the jumpsuit is available in all imaginable colors and shapes, in different cuts and different materials. So there really is something for everyone. Be careful in any case, once you have a cool Jumpsuit there is very fast danger of addiction.

But what should you look out for in a jumpsuit and which jumpsuit is perfect for which figure type? I will try to answer them all.

Tall women: 

Tall women have definitely won the main prize when it comes to jumpsuits. Whatever the cut and shape, tall women can really try anything when it comes to overalls.

Short women:

Short women should pay attention to a few small details when buying a jumpsuit. It is important that the overall has a high waist. This stretches the leg and you don’t look so small and compressed when wearing a jumpsuit. The leg length of the jumpsuit does not matter. A short woman can also wear an overall with a long leg or one with shorts. But I would do without big patterns and wild cuts.



Androgynous women:

Women with an androgynous body can wear everything that short women should leave out in patterns and cuts perfectly. Gathers and ruffles conjure up something more where you want something more.


Curvaceous women:

For curvy women, overalls with flowing fabrics are perfect. They flatter the curves perfectly and conjure up a great silhouette. Longitudinal stripes are perfect patterns because they visually stretch the figure.



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Tall women:

Short women:



Androgynous women:
Curvy women:




Overall: Asos (here)

Jacket: Pull and Bear (similar here)

Bag: Dior (similar here)

Shoes: Adidas Yeezy 350 (similar here)

Shades: Ray Ban (here)

Jewelry: Thomas Sabo (here and here)


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