Is it alright to imitate some of your friend’s styles?

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What do you think about buying something your friend was wearing before? I have the feeling that a lot of girls are wondering if it’s ok or not in a positive as well as in a negative sense.

You often hear the question ‘Is it ok for you if I would by these pants too?’ or ‘Would you be angry if I also buy these sweater?’

Personally, I’m happy if a friend of mine buys something she has seen on me. It means to me that she likes this garment that much that she also wants to have it. I have influenced that person in a positive way and for me it feels like my friend complimented me.

However, many women are often annoyed by this and for some reason imitating someone else’s style is charged super negatively. But how should it work instead? Would it mean that nobody is allowed to buy at Zara, Mango, H&M and Co. anymore?

Especially in our industry opinions tend to differ sharply. Some are happy to inspire someone with an outfit, the others are angry when people are buying the same pieces they are wearing. Of course it shouldn’t take the upper hand but to be honest I also like to get inspired by Aylin, Janina, Milena, Lauri and many other girls and sometimes I also buy something I’ve seen on them. But I also think that our industry is somehow meant to get inspired by others. If I would get annoyed by people who are buying some pieces they’ve seen on me I would definitely have chosen the wrong job.

Actually, I made some bad experiences with this issue and even lost a friend because she was so mad at me that I bought the same Adidas sweater as she did. If a friendship breaks apart because of a garment you definitely know that it wasn’t a real friendship. By the way I still have the sweater 🙂

xo Sonja








Pullover: Iris & Ink (similar here)

Leather Pants: Tigha (similar here)

Shoes: Shoppisticated Collection (here)

Scarf: Marc O’Polo (here)

Beanie: Acne (here)

Bag: Miu Miu (similar here)


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  1. Toller Artikel, ich bin selbst der absolute “Nachkäufer”, da ich mir selbst eingestehen muss, nicht das beste Mode-Näschen zu haben 😉

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