How to find your own style

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On my way back home from Berlin I read an article in the Instyle magazine about Veronika Heilbrunner. Her special outfit combinations with elegant clothes and sneakers characterize worldwide streetstyles and raise the question:

“How do you  find your own kind of style?” 

In many of her testimonies, I was able to recapture myself. I also remembered a key moment, that changed my own style. Therefore, I would like to give you some quotes from the interview and  hope to sharpen your awareness of your own style a little bit.


  1. An original look need contrasts

    Color contrasts or the combination of elegant and casual clothes are one possibility to create contrasts. For example classic pumps with casual jeans or romantic dresses with some rough boots. The mix makes every look interesting and unmistakable.

  2. Stay authentic!

    I used to try out a lot of fashiontrends and I wanted to stand out with my outfit on special occasions. Over the years I’ve adopted this behavior completely. Instead, I rather wear clothes that make me feel good. Just because xy looks great in a pop-colored jumpsuit with cowboy boots, the same look can be very unauthentic on somebody else. The clothes should fit the character.

  3. Less is more

    This isn’t only the case when putting together an outfit. The well known problem “I have nothing to wear”  isn’t the result of a too little selection, but of the overload of clothes. You should rather invest in a few well-cut favorite items and recombine these with different accessories each time.



xo Maike










Jacket: Bershka (similar here)

Top: Asos (here)

Pants: H&M (similar here)

Shoes: Marccain (similar here)

Bag: Chanel (similar here)

Sunglasses: ray Ban: (here)

Rings: Pandora (here)


  1. Das sind wirklich ganz tolle Tipps. Das Problem "ich habe nichts anzuziehen" kenne ich nur zu gut und ich weiß genau das es eben daran liegt das ich viel zu viel habe und oft einfach nicht mehr weiß wie ich was kombinieren soll. Dein Outfit gefällt mir übrigens super gut. 🙂 Liebste Grüße Tamara

    • Ich denke auch, dass es die Überforderung ist aus alten Outfits ganz neue zu kombinieren 🙂

      Es freut mich aber auf jeden Fall sehr, dass dir dieser Look so gut gefällt.
      Liebste Grüße,

  2. Danke für die ganuen Tipps! Und die Bershka oversized Denimjacke ist auch eine meiner liebsten Jacken – perfekt zum überwerfen bei jedem Look <33 Love, Tschok

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