Golden Season – preparing for winter

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 “Are there any people who prefer winter to summer?”

Although I love Christmas time, snow, skiing and everything, that belongs to winter time. However, I can’t cotton up to the wet and cold temperatures. Every year, when it starts to get colder and I get my winter jacket out of the closet, I am thinking: “How am I going to survive the winter when I’m already freezing now?” I am and will ever be a summer lover through and through. I’m a real sun-worshiper and can’t get enough vitamin C.

Even though most of the people associate Christmas with cold temperatures and snow, we have developed our own Christmas tradition since my mom lives in Spain. We traditionally celebrate Christmas Eve in front of the chimney with a Christmas tree but the rest of the time looks different. At usual 17-20 degrees we spend most of the time outside in the sun. We are going for long walks with the dogs, having a family lunch on the terrace and doing trips to the nature.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine any other Christmas season. I love our traditions, to spend time with my family and especially the warm temperatures. I can already escape the coldness and stock up on some sunshine.

For now it is time to catch and enjoy every ray of sunshine until I’m heading to Spain. The Golden Season doesn’t call “the Golden Season” for no reason…

xo Kira

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