Castell Son Claret – A Short Trip To Mallorca

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Feeling the spring sun on the skin, a short time out from everyday life, just living into the day and enjoying some time for yourself. I believe these are desires that drive each of us after a long and especially cold winter. Last week I was able to escape the cold and wet weather in Hamburg for two days and was a guest at Castell Son Claret on Mallorca. I can hardly express myself in words when I came down the wonderful driveway, planted with palm trees, while sunset. As soon as I entered the hotel grounds, I was immediately stress-relieved. At this time, I knew that the two days I will spend at Castell Son Claret will be pure relaxation.

The hotel has a main building, as well as an area where the stables of the estate were located in the past. Right in front of the main building is an impressive garden, perfect for a walk and a short coffee break. What particularly fascinated me, were the different smells in the garden. Next to the lavender bushes I found olive and lemon trees, a variety of roses, as well as bergamot and jasmine shrubs.

If you are looking for outdoor sports, this is the perfect place for cyclists, joggers and hikers, to combine wonderful landscape with your hobby. In addition to many outdoor activities, the Castell Son Claret also offers yoga and personal training.


After spending the first night in a beautiful room, which was outside the main building in one of the extended stables, I was spoiled in the morning with a massage. For me the perfect start into the day. Shortly after the massage, I had a super nice breakfast and after that, there was a little time for me before I met all the other people for lunch in the restaurant Olivera. Of course, I used this time to make some nice pictures of the hotel and my room. In the afternoon we had a yoga class, where I also took a rest from the stressful day routine that I have at home.

For all of you that loves tapas, I can recommend the market hall ‘San Juan’ in the s’Excorxador in Palma. The food was so delicious and everyone had a good time with nice musik.

The next day was also my last day in Mallorca. However, I didn’t want to miss the jeep tour over the island and was so happy that I could join the trip until the first stop. We were driving along hiking trails and the Tramuntana area of Mallorca to an animal park. Once there, we went straight to a hiking trail, our goal was a cable car. This was the first time for me. I never did it before but It was so much fun and I also got a little bit faster than I thought.

The short trip to Mallorca was a wonderful change to my usual workplace and beside the many great activities I experienced, I felt very rested when I came back home.

xo Sonja



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    • Du hast vollkommen recht, so eine kurze Auszeit ist immer super um ein wenig runter zu kommen.

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