Bun and Turtleneck

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I’m in love with turtleneck tops this season. Whether it is as a blouse, a sweater or a longsleve. I have them in all shapes and colors in my wardrobe. One of my absolute favorites is the rust colored blouse which I  show you at the pictures right now.

I really can’t describe why I’m so into turtlenecks this season. Perhaps it is because I have become a huge fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kira has infected me a few weeks ago and now I ‘m right in the middle of the funny stories of Kim, Kylie and Co. Maybe my turtleneck passion is because of Kim, she always wear a black or nude one. But I didn’t took consciously my my inspiration from Kim, the turtlenecks are somehow just slipped into my hands while shopping by itself.







Happy Valentinsday <3

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My look:

Coat: H&M Trend


Longsleve: H&M

Culotte: H&M

High Heels: Pepe Jeans

Bag: Saint Laurent

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