Wedding preparation during COVID-19

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“Wedding planning in COVID-19 times – is that possible or does everything have to be cancelled?”

Actually the three of us would have imagined the year to be very different. 2019 ended so beautifully with a funny coincidence and three proposals that we didn’t want to wake up from our dream.

We were looking forward to the coming year 2020 so much. We have emphasized that this year everything will be about wedding so many times. And we started planning with great anticipation. Because both Flo’s and my civil wedding, as well as Sonja’s wedding is not that far away anymore.

But only two months later, the world has turned upside down, public life is paralyzed and suddenly theres is only one major topic – COVID-19.

All the preparations, plans and the anticipation for our special day are fading away more and more. Like grains of sand that slowly trickle through your fingers. Everything is suddenly no longer tangible and incomprehensible anyway.

The virus is so unpredictable that we don’t know what the situation will be like in a few months.

So many wedding couples have had to reschedule or even postpone their wedding until the next year. If the situation does not change in the next few months, we also have no choice but to postpone our wedding with a heavy heart. Right now we don’t know what will happen.

Are we going to stand in front of the altar in June and say yes?
Will my mom from Spain be able to arrive to our wedding?
How will the world look like in a few weeks / months?

Questions about questions that no one knows the answer to, but what is left is hope.

We always remain positive and hope for the best and that despite the current events, everything will turn out well in the end.

xo Kira

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