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Blogger and Friends

As in any profession, next to the perfectly arranged apartments, delicious images of Macarons and elaborate outfits, there is also the reality. Especially in this world of superficiality, it is important not to lose touch with reality and the truly important things. Sonja has already written a post on this subject, and I also have to think about it sometimes. The subject of friendship and envy you always notice in a scene with so many ambitious women. Interlocutors are, albeit unconsciously, chosen because of followers and you are only interesting if others can benefit from you. There are great mysteries made to facts and figures in order to distinguish themselves from the “competition”, instead of pulling together.

But not for nothing it is called “Together we are strong!” And that’s what I appreciate. There are also honest friendships in the blogger circles. After all, all of us share the same passion and it should be fun with these people to surround. For the first time I have to meet in Dubai blogger from Italy and Moscow personally. In spite of one or another language barrier, but we have noticed pretty quickly how much connects a common experiences and love for fashion and photography. We talked, shared great photos shot and had especially a lot of fun. It was a memorable time and I am grateful for any acquaintance on this trip. I hope for  an early reunion and  send dearest greetings into the distance!

Blogger Crew in Dubai

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