#TimeIsToBeShared – Christmas, special Moments & Memories

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Today it’s finally the most special time of the year. It is the day we have been waiting for 24 days and every morning when we opened our advent calendar. It is Christmas, the feast of love.
Since I’m living in Hamburg, Christmas time has become even more special for me, as I spend time with my family and friends from my hometown. Actually moments like these have been rare in the last year, because Bachelor’s thesis, the way to self-employment and many projects made me really busy. Often I find it difficult to relax in the everyday life and time is just running. But at Christmas, I  finally find some rest in the circle of my beloved ones. I’m looking forward to the house, in which I grew up, just to be a “child” again.
Of course, a lot has changed since I moved out. My children’s room isn’t looking like it used to be and the house is almost completely renovated.  But much remains, and little things remind me of my childhood. There is still our spectacular candy cabinet, for which I was envied in elementary school by all my friends. You can find almost everything you could wish for inside! Besides, Dad has to drive me to all appointments by car, since there are no buses and subway in Emsdetten. More childhood memory is hardly possible.
Precisely these moments make Christmas such a special time. Family, friends and time … Time to relax and focus on the really important things in life. Holiday moments like this are special, because I share them with the right people. #TimeIsToBeShared with the ones you love. They make your time valuable. And to never lose sight of the time while the holidays , I wear a special watch model with a dark green velvet ribbon and a gold dial from Cluse.
Enjoy this time and have happy holidays. Merry christmas to you all!
xo Maike

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