#ThisIsMii – What’s inside my bag

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What could be more personal than the sainthood of a woman – her handbag? It doesn’t only look pretty, in some cases it is even a status symbol, but it is primarily the guardian of our belongings. We carry them with us day by day, with all our dearest and most important objects. But what is actually hidden inside our handbags, what are these important objects?
Usually I don’t like to share the inside my purse with everybody. Even though it’s not embarrassing or anything, but in my opinion it is something very private. Nevertheless,  because of the wonderful campaign #ThisIsMii of Seat and Cosmopolitain I would like to give you guys a little insight of myself and my bag. At the same time you can participate in the campaign. Just upload a flatlay with your personal #ThisIsMii Essentials on www.thisismii.de and with a little bit of luck you can attend the Berlin Fashion Week for the Marcel Ostertag Show.

So back at it again … cards on the table, I will reveal the “secret” of my handbag.

The one thing, that can never be missed inside my bag, is my key ring. A daily object which still has its own personal significance for me. This is because every key is symbolic at the same time for the places I like best, like for example my “new” home in Hamburg. Another reason is my key pendant, a small pink cathedral. But a special one – This little cathedral  is the landmark for my hometown – Cologne. I was born, grew up and lived in this city for 21 years until I moved to Hamburg. But nevertheless a part of my heart always is missing my hometown Cologne. This way I have a little reminder always by my side.

xo Kira

inside my bag, flatlay, cell phone, key ring, chewing gum, lotion

My Top 5 favorites: “What’s inside my bag?”

1. Key ring

2. Wallet

3. Cell Phone & Headphones

4. Chewing gums

5. Hand lotion

black oversized sweater, chanel handbag, overknee boots

keyring, jewellery

oversized black sweater, mini skirt, black overknee boots, chanel bag

black handbag, key ring


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  1. Erstmal dein Outfit gefällt mir richtig gut! Und ich wusste gar nicht dass du aus Köln kommst, wie schön, dass du ein wenig Heimat durch den süßen Schlüsselanhänger immer bei dir trägst. Meine Essentials ähneln deinen sehr, noch dazu habe ich immer noch einen Lippenstift und meinen EOS Balm dabei 🙂 Und Leckerchen für den Hund 😀
    Liebst Kathi

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