The Shape Of December – Love all over the world

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Love all over the world

Creativity, love for fashion, art and culture not only connects the three Women Linda Tol, Mija Flatau and Lena Terlutter. The facts are reflected in the limited “The Shape of December” T-shirt collection, that the three designed.

In cooperation with Street One we are following the footsteps of the influencer with other bloggers like Aylin Koenig, Billie Rose, Cats and Dogs, Curls and Bags, Zukkermädchen, COTTDS, Queen of jetlag, Les Attitudes and Wunschfrei. In Berlin we all met in the Street One Creative Studio and designed our own “The Shape of December” designs.

The Shape Of December

Christmas is the time of love. That’s the reason we wanted to transpose this idea in our design Cube. Minimalistic but with a feminine touch. Everyone should realize the message at first sight and can relate to it. So we decided to design a graphical representation of the world map and a filigree lettering that says “Love all over the world”. Christmas should make us remember the essential of life – because what would we be, without the people we love and who love us. What would we do without love, without heat and without happiness? Our design should remember, that no matter where you are in the world, to enjoy your life with the people who love you the most … “Love all over the world”!

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From 07.12.2015 you can choose your favorites. The blogger, who received the most votes at the end of the contest, is gaining its own collection of Street One for the summer 2016th.

Thus a dream would come true for three and we would be really thankful for your support. In this sense, have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy those in the circle of your loved ones.

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 Inspirations-Workshop im Street One Creative Studio


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