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Your own motivation depends on many different factors. It depends on one’s state of mind, one’s daily form, one’s sleep rhythm and much more… A well-balanced sleep is essential for one’s vocal pitch and accordingly how motivated one starts the day. Since a few months I have changed my sleep rhythm. Since I go to bed relatively early (around 22-23 o’clock), it makes much more sense for me to get up earlier as well. And so the alarm clock was promptly changed from the usual 7:30 / 8:00 to 6:20. Because let’s be honest, seven to eight hours of sleep are enough for the average person to get enough energy for the day.

Admittedly at the beginning it was a bit difficult for me, but I got used to the new rhythm quickly and started the day much fitter than ever before. Another reason is that I got used to going to sports in the morning before work.

“I also have days where I just couldn’t vanquish the inner temptation to sleep in!”

But these days are the past. To tick off the sport in the morning is one of the best feelings ever. Spontaneity and flexibility are especially important in our job. After an ordinary office day, events are often scheduled after work. Usually, I would have had to decide whether to go to sports or to events. Most of the time I decided to go to the event instead of doing sports. It was exactly the same with my social life.

With my new sports plan and sleep rhythm you can playfully combine both in one day and nothing will be forgotten. I feel fitter than ever and am so motivated that I currently go to sports five to six times a week. Even if it won’t always stay that way, one thing is for sure: the sport is done in the morning. Because that’s how I found my motivation for the day!

Try it out, because this feeling of leaving the gym at eight in the morning and already having the sport behind you is indescribable!

xo Kira

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