MBFW – Neon Skirt & Crop Top

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At the beginning of the week I asked on Instagram if you had any questions about the Fashion Week in Berlin. We got a lot of questions and I’m really happy that you’re so curious about what we’re doing at the Fashion Week. Its true you only get to see the final result and not the time when everything is planned or how our diaries look like during the week in Berlin. This year we actually had an event where we could only stay for 10 minutes, because the traffic in Berlin and the distances from the events and shows destroyed our tight time schedule. So no matter how well prepared you are, something can always happens in between.


We got so many questions that I try to summarize them in three main topics:

How do you get into the fashion shows?

We also started small and weren’t invited to all shows at the beginning. But there is a fashion show event calendar where you can see where and when the shows take place. My tip here is to go to shows that aren’t so well known yet and just line up in front of the door. It is often the case that there are still places available in the shows and that you will be let in without a ticket shortly before.


Is it allowed to keep all designer garments from the fittings?

In fact, you are never allowed to keep the pieces. Most of the clothes are single pieces and the designer would have to work twice as much, so that all people who get the equipment are allowed to keep them. The designers usually have a stock of samples in which we can choose something. However, these clothes are also very often lent to magazines and used for shootings.


Are all the fashion shows where you’re being outfitted cooperation’s?

I’d say it’s a good mixture. Of course during Fashion Week we also have some cooperation’s that are also connected to the fashion shows. But we also go to a lot of other events and shows with which we have no cooperation. It’s really nice to cooperate with some of the big designers, but we would also like to support other designers that we know personally. I’m also excited about the new collections every season and look forward to seeing the many different shows.


xo Sonja








Top: H&M (here)

Skirt: &other Stories (here)

Shoes: Shoppisticated Collection (here)

Bag: Dior (similar here)

Shades: Ray Ban (here)


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