Mango Quinoa Bowl – Recipe

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Are you looking for a new and healthy recipe for a Mango Quinoa breakfast bowl? If so you need to try this vegan recipe!

Due to my 14-day quarantine and the lockdown, I had a lot of time to try new recipes. In addition I was forced to manage well with food, since a spontaneous visit to the supermarket is not possible currently. But with a well-thought-out shopping list, a few small drawbacks and a lot of imagination, we have cooked very variedly in the past few weeks and tried to use our food reserves at its best.

Besides a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, we bought rice, chickpeas, lentils and pasta. For emergencies, a bag of frozen berries and frozen mango was kept in the freezer. It spontaneously occurred to me that this should be more than just an “emergency plan” when I got the idea for this mango quinoa bowl!



Mango Quinoa Bowl – Super easy, healthy and yummy!


  1. Boil 50 g of quinoa with 125 ml of plant milk for 10 minutes. Feel free to add some turmeric and cinnamon. Preferably I use rice or coconut milk. Let the quinoa cool down for 10 minutes.
  2. In the meantime, prepare a handful of frozen mango and heat it up in a saucepan or in the microwave.
  3. Meanwhile, cut more fruits that you want to use as a topping for your bowl.
  4. Place the quinoa in a bowl and stir the thawed mango into the mixture. You can also add a little cinnamon for the taste.
  5. Top your bowl, for example with kiwi, physalis, hemp seeds, chia seeds, nuts and peanutbutter.
  6. Enjoy!


If you want to save yourself some work for the next day, you can also prepare the double amount of quinoa and store the half of it in the fridge. The quinoa base is super versatile and can also be prepared with frozen berries, to a Berry breakfast bowl.


I hope you enjoy trying the recipe and hope you like the Mango Quinoa Bowl. You can always send us pictures of your results, link us to your stories or use the hashtag #shoppisticatedXrecipes.


xo Maike

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