Leo Prints & Childhood memories

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If childhood memories come to life – it can only be a remake of Disney!”

When I watched the trailer for the first time, I suddenly got goose bumps all over my body. The anticipation, when Maike and I set our cinema date fix.

Of course, I’m talking about the current film – The Lion King. We were blown away and felt like we were back in our childhood. No other Disney remake has caught me like the Lion King. The animation has been perfectly executed down to the last detail and Disney, as always, plays wonderfully with the emotions of the audience.

Do you know the feeling from your childhood, when you liked a movie so much, you would like to slip into one of the film roles? Maybe that’s how I felt after the film and I had to put on my new Animal Print Rock.

Even if the leopards don’t play the biggest role in the movie, I always have to remember the scenery of the Lion King when I look at the skirt.



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