Left My Heart In London

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London Tower

Left my heart in London… As my sister has asked me to go on a city trip a month ago, I didn’t hesitate and agreed in a second. We work a lot in order to allow us exactly these features also as a student. A few years ago I would never decide that spontaneously, because it seemed so far away for me, to go on a plane and fly away. Vacations always were something carefully planned for me.

But our spontaneity was worth it! After all, we are mature enough to orient us in the metro network, or simply to ask for help. Even the money doesn’t plays a major role, when you inform yourself a little. There are certainly better tips for bargain hunters, but at least I can tell you some of our tips:

  1. There are numerous cheap flights , so it is always worth to watch the offers a few days. We decided for flight times in the morning. Of course, so you have to pay costs for an extra night, but we could enjoy our last day without already packing the suitcase inwardly and plan to return. Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile!
  2. Accommodations offers in cities, such as London, of course many, but it is not so easy to find the right choice. We opted for a cheap room on Airbnb and paid each 82 Euros for 3 nights. It wasn’t luxurious of course, but the more important is  the city and the excursions. So we were even happy without breakfast and daily made beds.
  3. To be mobile, we have purchased an Oyster Card directly at the airport. Because this ticket can be charged according to you need with a balance and be recharged at any time. An ordinary day pass  for the tube costs around 24 pounds. We actually paid only the driven distances and could never exceed the daily rate of 24 pounds, even with increased use. In the three days we have always been traveling by train. Also the trip to the airport we paid with the card and got along with 55 pounds.
  4. On the subject of transport from the airport there are two ways. Firstly, the express train from Heathrow Airport for about 27 pounds, that just takes 15 minutes. We have gladly taken the 50 minutes of driving with the tube and  paid about 15 pounds. Because the airport is well connected with the Piccadilly Line to the Subway infrastructure, you can easily reach each destination in London.
  5. For a sightseeing tour, we invested 25 pounds and could take all the buses of the company for 48 hours and marvel even the city from the river Themse. Because a cruise is included with the provider. A good starting point for this tour is the station Tower Hill. We loved it and recommend it to anyone, who might want to visit all the famous sights of London.

I hope these small suggestions help you planning the next city trip. I wish you much fun in London and Co.


Big Ben
Outfit in London

London Fahsion Week

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