How to create a #OODT

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OOTD step by step, blue coat, boyfriend jeans, ankle boots

I was recently asked, “What is your ritual in the morning ? How do you chose your outfit for the day?” I thought about this and came to the following conclusion:

After some consideration I recognized some pattern of procedures, which I probably deal unconsciously. Because I’ve also tried to put out the clothes on the evening before, to have more time in the morning. But  unfortunately this wasn’t working at all. For me fashion has something to do with spontaneity and humor. Nevertheless, I would like to give you some insights in my daily routine of  my clothes selection.

How to create a #OODT step by step

It was a Sunday morning and I had a breakfast date with Sonja. So I had a little more time to get ready. So let’s go through the thoughts that were buzzing on my mind this Sunday:

  1. First I always take a look out the window. The outfit must be adapted to the weather. On the day it was dry but cold. In this case, I like to be safe and grapped a pair of jeans.
  2. What’s planned for the day? Because we wanted to take pictures after the breakfast, I chose a high-necked long-sleeved shirt for the time in the cafe and also took a cuddly cardigan, just to be safe. You never know!
  3. Then I start thinking about what color scheme I like to wear this day. With jeans and a camel colored top I already found two contrasting colors. Then the rest of the outfit can be quietly more unobtrusively and has to be in the same color families. This creates a coherent overall look and you can play with more colors. The blue of the jeans I pick up in a dark blue coat again and also the brown tone is fitting to the bag and cap color. I combined a gray scarf, because this color always fits.
  4. Finally, I’m focussing on finding the right footwear. To a wide jeans and an oversized coat it is a great choice to stretch the leg with ankle boots. The ankle boots have an eye-catching snake pattern, but the colors are just perfect with the rest of the outfit. If you aren’t sure about pattern mixes, try out how you feel comfortable. Over time, you will be safer in handling and styling.


Do you recognize yourself again in the thoughts or how does your routine look at the clothes selection? I’m looking forward to your opinion and your tips and tricks.


xo Maike

Acne scarf, knitted hat, Cloé bag, jeans, blue coat



long coat, jeans, grey scarf, brown bag


Coat: H&M Trend (similare here)

Scarfl: Acne Studios

Longsleeve: H&M (similare here)

Jeans: Pullandbear (similare here)

Boots: ecco (similare here)

Bag: Chloé (here)

Cap: Monki

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  1. Was für ein toller Look! Würde ich genau so tragen 🙂 Das mit Schritten finde ich grad wirklich witzig, denn genau so läuft das bei mir morgens auch ab 😀

    Liebst Jules

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