Hoodie Addiction – Why I love hoodies since my childhood


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“There is no garment that I own in so many variations.”

Already in elementary school, my sister and I shared a favorite piece of clothing, that we loved above all else – a sweater we called a “skater girl sweater”. This one we had discovered during a shopping trip with our parents and because the hoodie was only one time available, we agreed to share the good piece.

It must be said that we used to have a hate & love relationship back then. So it happened a few times that I looked full of anticipation in my closet and I’ve searched in vain for the sweater. Either my sister’s was still in it’s possession or the sweater was still left in the laundry. Controversy was so inevitable:D

Today, thank God, it’s a bit different and I have collected some hoodies in several designs and also our relationship have become a bit more grown-up too. Somehow there is nothing more relaxed for me than to slip into the sweater, to crawl under the hood and protect myself from the annoying wind.

This model is also very important to me for a further reason. My boyfriend is as fashion-obsessed as I am and always dreamed of having his own label. He has fulfilled this wish with Broken System and I’m not only very proud of him. Additionally I really love the casual styles.


Do you have a special garment that you just can’t live without?


xo Maike







Jacket: H&M (similar here)

Hoodie: Broken System (here)

Jeans. Levi (here)

Shoes: Zara (similar here)

Bag: Phillip Lim (similar here)


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