Girlstrip – Fights between girls or just simple harmony?

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Every bigger trip we like to travel together as  a team. Three girls, who are A very good friends and B who also work together.

“Three girls, don’t you fight a lot?”

– Probably the most common question we are asked from outsiders. Especially the triple constellation of our team seems to be rather difficult for a lot of people. But we have to disappoint you. I know, quarreling and zigzagging are always more interesting than everything is all good all the time. And of course we are not perfect and sometimes we  also have some disagreements or small discussion. However, fortunately it was never worse than that. Therefore every negative vibe could be eliminated as quickly as possible. There has never been a  serious fight between us and it never will be.

On the whole, the friendship as well as working in our team is nothing but easy and relaxing. This may be due to the fact that we are very similar to each other in the heart, but also that, in addition to our friendship, we focus on the same vision – to be successful together.

The three of us have been very good friends for more than five years and have been working together for also almost five years. We travel, laugh and experience the funniest things together. For us three, a privilege that we never want to miss. Because every trip is a new adventure that we can experience together with our best friends. And we are already looking forward to what will happen next.

xo Kira

My Look:

Jumpsuit: Anthropologie

Sandals: Mango

Purse: Valentino

Sunnies: Ray Ban


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