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As you probably already might have noticed on our social media channels, we’ve finally started our long-awaited summer vacation in beautiful Spain. Free from any kind of stress we can forget about everything around us, switch off our brains for a second and simply enjoy the moment and the sun.

While our soul can relax, our skin and hair have to struggle with the effects of the sun, salty and chlorine water. As nice as the summer holidays may be, unfortunately, this always means a lot of work for our body, because these factors can precisely dry out our skin and hair pretty quickly – and we don’t want that!

This means an extra portion of care, not only to protect the skin and hair but additionally to moisturise it. We’ve tested a shampoo and conditioner as well as a body lotion for your. Shiny hair and soft, supple skin is the result. Because what is more beautiful than a tanned, shiny skin and lovely sun kissed highlights in your hair?!

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