Dare To – Have The Heart To Do Something

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Dare to … Two little words with a very big meaning. At least these words have a big meaning for me, because those who don’t dare don’t win. Only recently I noticed that I have achieved some of my goals, because I dared something.

I started studying economics right after graduation and already during the first two semesters I realized, that this subject really isn’t something for me. But I was so ambitious that I still passed all exams. In the third semester I changed into another University because I’ve always wanted to study fashion. I applied at the HAW and there I got to know Kira and Maike in my new studies, Business and Textile Engineering. I had so much ambition for this subject that I finished as one of the first in our year. But the biggest step for me was probably the decision to get self-employed with Kira and Maike. I’ve always seen myself in a big company with a good position, but never thought to be completely on my own. A thought that scared me.

Now we have been self-employed for more than a year and this was probably the best decision I could have made. If I hadn’t changed my studies back then, I would never have met Kira and Maike. Of course, I would never be at the point where I am right now.

With these two little examples of my life I wanted to show you that it is worth venturing and to dare something. A little decision can change your life completely and sometimes it’s worth it.

xo Sonja











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