Corona Virus: What we can learn from this crisis

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It is not always easy to stay strong. It is not always easy to see something positive in a difficult situation. And it’s not always easy to keep your smile.

There has never been a situation like this before. Cut off from the social environment, locked down in your own isolation. For many, the world seems to be collapsing. Wherever you look, you can see hooded faces. It feels like you miss the air to breathe and lose the ground under your feet.

“You can no longer hug your beloved friends, not to mention meeting them. Where is the wonderful time, when we were sitting outside in the park with friends laughing and just enjoying our time together? And suddenly this feeling of Security disappears. That was always taken for granted. Is that really our home? “

Worries about the own existence, the beloved fellow human beings and the worries about the own health – all these are just small concerns which the Corona crisis brings with it and overwhelmed us like a tidal wave.

Who would have thought that a simple virus could shut the world down like this?

And although the situation is quite negative, the number of cases speaks for itself, we have no choice but to remain positive. Everyone has to carry his parcel and I think no one does not suffer from this crisis. The virus knows no borders. Religion, financial status, gender or skin color doesn’t matter – we are all affected! And we’re all in it together! We have seen how we fight each other, pollute and destroy our planet. We have all failed to take the warnings of global warming seriously. And suddenly we are all in the same boat. Public life has been reduced to zero and our planet can breathe deeply.

Where there is shadow, there is also light. And from every crisis you can filter out positive aspects from which you can learn for the future. On the one hand, this relates to raising awareness of one’s own life, health and the earth on which we live. But moral values ​​can also be given greater consideration.

Only a few months ago I wrote a post about “gratitude” in Cape Town. Even if the first cases had already occurred at this time, I could not have dreamed of the extent to which the virus will affect all our lives.

The crisis has shown us that you shouldn’t take anything for granted and you should never feel too safe. A stroke of fate, a natural disaster or just a single virus can change everything instantly. But actually there are also so many positive aspects that you can take with you from this situation.


What do I learn from the Corona crisis?

– Take care of your immune system, protect your body, exercise and eat healthy.

– Try to build save money and build reserves. Especially in times like these, whether as a self-employed or as a short-time employee, you particularly appreciate your savings.

– Take care of your fellow human beings, neighbors and the people around you who need help. And also support your locals. Cohesion is essential not only in good times but especially in difficult times.

– Be grateful and appreciate that you are actually very well, despite all the circumstances. And never give up your gratitude, because this is such a beautiful and important attribute.

– There are so many more points that I could mention. But the most important point is: sit down, take your time and think about what you can take with you from the time, what will affect you positively in the future. I’m sure there will be a couple of points.

xo Kira

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