3 Women & 1 passion – Our secret of friendship behind the #Teamshoppi

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“You are three women, you are friends and work together. Is there no controversials or cat fight?”


This is probably the most asked question of all. It’s apparently a phenomenon of the society or even of the blogosphere, that under women a form of envy and misery has to prevail steadily. Yes – The industry in which we work is often superficial and there’re certainly a few conversations without any depth. But there are also many friendships, which arised through the connection to the same passion.


Franzi wrote a very readable article how friends sometimes become strangers. And with regard to my experiences, I especially remembered this sentence: “In the past, we were equal. The same timetable, equal wishes, equal ideas of the future.” This temporary bond has been the core of many friendships I’ve made in my school days. In the course of growing up I’ve met many people, whom I have closed into my heart. I met some of them because of my first great love, or because I have made a lot sports and also found “allies” in this area. Now I look back with joy at all the encounters. Even if I couldn’t keep up the close friendship with anyone, I wouldn’t want to miss any of the common moments. They have influenced me. I have certainly been able to take something for myself from every conversation or from every dispute.


After I moved to Hamburg I’ve been able to experience friendship on a whole new level for myself …


In the first semester of the university I met Sonja and Kira. For some reason, we have found ourselves and, though subconsciously, decided to cooperate the study together. Because at the time we didn’t know each other for long. The similar preferences and interests have brought us together. And later is has been shown, that this connection continues until today …

Nevertheless, our friendship is much more than just a preliminary agreement of interests. Over the years we have developed a close friendship that lives from shared dreams and, above all, common values. We are not always in agreement, and as individuals we’re very different. But we complement each other perfectly and make each other strong.

For my part, I have been able to take a lot of our friendship.

For example, I have learned that friends should always be able to tell the truth. A true friendship lives from honest advices and not the attempt to tell, what the other side wants to hear. Everyone has experienced the situation of a relationship crisis and you didn’t know what’s right or wrong. In situations like that it’s important to be able to rely on true friends, who don’t simply say “It will be all right” just to stop the pain temporary. Just then a friend should be at your side and help you to make the long-term right decision. In addition, she should encourage you to stand up for yourself and be proud of yourself. A girlfriend should be able to make you honest compliments without any jealousy and be happy about the luck of the other.

All these things and even more have I learned in the past years of our friendship. In this time and with the support of Sonja and Kira, I personally developed into a much more self-confident young woman. Because they have shown me again and again, that it’s wrong to avoid conflicts and that it’s important to be able to express your own opinion. I really had to learn this ability because I’m an extremely harmonious person. I’d rather have swallowed my displeasure until a certain extent, before I would had a clarifying conversation. In addition they showed me, that you should’t take yourself too seriously and always have to be perfect.


I believe the core of our deep friendship is, that we have become so close over the past few years. We always want the best for each other and don’t take advantage of the weaknesses of others. On the contrary! We strengthen each other. We can discuss professional matters objectively and leave out any emotional evaluations. We can make mistakes and aren’t resentful. Because basically we know, that no matter how our path will develope with Shoppisticated, our deep friendship will always be there.


xo Maike


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  1. Ihr drei seid solche Herzensmenschen und wahre Vorbilder. Ich bin dankbar euch zu können <3 #teamherz

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