Stress free Sale Shopping thanks to Visa with Apple Pay

*In cooperation with Visa

I am pretty sure it happened to all of us at some point! You left the house without your wallet and then you had to borrow money from a friend or worst case you had to go back home and get it. The most embarrassing situation occurs when you are shopping and all of your items are already scanned and you realize you don’t have your wallet with you.

This will never happen again with Visa Pay!”

How? We will tell you that now!

The sale season is at its peak which is perfect for us because we moved into our new office at the beginning of January. Every move goes hand in hand with new purchases and therefore we had a good reason to go to the city for some shopping. Next to the technical equipment, decoration shouldn’t be missing to create a beautiful and homely atmosphere. Currently, many great sales deals are tempting everywhere, so it is the perfect time to try out Visa Apple Pay. Just save your Visa card in your iPhone and off you go to shop!


That is how it works:

The Visa card can be easily saved in the apple wallet. Once it is saved it pops up every time you need it. The only thing you have to look out for is, that the store accepts contactless payment. The process is the same as if you would pay with a normal debit or credit card – the only difference is that you hold your smartphone against the terminal instead of a card.

For all people, who are questioning the safety about this. Don´t worry! The credit card information are not saved on the phone nor are they shared when paying.





We are perfectly prepared for sale and are on our way to different stores. It is so difficult for us to decide because there are so many beautiful and tempting offers. I bet you can imagine how this looks like when three women are off shopping. But we immediately agreed on many pieces and can cross of many items on our shopping list. The final step – the payment – went through so fast that I almost missed it. You hold your phone close to the terminal, a short “peep” sound and the payment is done.



Of course, we need a short break in between. A delicious coffee warms you up and provides you with new energy. how great that you can also pay small amounts with Visa Apple Pay. This way we are not losing time and are able to keep going to our final stop an electronic store.



The shopping day war a great success! We not only purchased great things for our office but we were also able to buy things stress free and cash free with the new payment method of Visa with Apple Pay. something is for sure: We will definitely use Visa with Apple Pay frequently, because this cash free payment method is so easy to use. Not only within Germany also when we are travelling, with all the different currencies, the cash free payment Visa with Apple Pay is an easement. We are happy that this technology is now available in Germany and are thrilled about this new way of payment.

You can find all information to Visa with Apple Pay and the cooperating banks here.

xo Sonja


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