Review: White Teeth With The BlanX White Shock

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BlanX White Shock Whitening Cure

A bright white smile is probably the most beautiful accessory that we can wear. But we all know the  problem with coffee, red wine and cigarettes. They can accuse unsightly tooth discoloration that can take the smile radiance.

Meanwhile there are many toothpastes that promise white teeth. I already fell for a few advertising promises but it sounds so tempting: You just have to buy the right toothpaste and the teeth become whiter and whiter. ‘Stiftung Warentest’ tested 20 toothpaste varieties, that make the customer hope for snow-white teeth. The result is sobering: “Who doesn’t have white teeth naturally, will never get them through a toothpaste”.

The usual whitening toothpastes remove the plaque, but also stubborn stains. This is not the result of a bleaching agent. The containing abrasive particles, the so-called abrasive substances in the toothpaste, are the main difference to the usual toothpastes. These abrasive are sanding the discoloration, without attacking the teeth and gums. In this case the correct brushing technique is really important. Because if you brush the teeth  too tight and full of power, it can attack the tooth.

BlanX White Shock Zahncreme

How are the  BlanX White Shock products work and do they keep their promise?

The promise sounds convincing: The BlanX White Shock products provide up to 4 steps whiter teeth in just 2 weeks. The basis of this measurement is a VITA scale, on which you can find  the whiteness of your teeth at the beginning and end of the treatment.

Unlike conventional toothpastes the BlanX products don’t use abrasives, but act by the power of light. Because they contain the patented ActiluX® microcrystals, which are activated when they get in contact with light and then selectively removing plaque and tooth discoloration.

BlanX White Shock Zahncreme

Product 1: Toothpaste + LED light amplifier

In addition to the toothpaste, there is a LED light amplifier, which you can easily put on the tube. The light activates the ActiluX® microcrystals in the toothpaste, to provide quicker and more intense results.

BlanX White Shock Mundspülung

Product 2: Mouthwash

The mouthwash is the perfect complement to the whitening products. It also contains the ActiluX® micro crystals, has an antibacterial effect and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness.

BlanX White Shock Intesiv Kur + LED Lichtschiene

Product 3: Whitening intensiv kur + LED light rail

Once a week the 10- minute treatment should be used to achieve the best possible results. In this case a layer of the treatment is applied to the transparent mouthpiece and placed over the teeth. The light rail turns off after 10 minutes. After the treatment, the mouth should be rinsed and the rail be cleaned.

2 weeks later…And does the whitening treatment actually work?

At the beginning of the test I have measured my teeth with the accompanying VITA scale. To be honest, I was shocked by the initial situation, because I always assumed that my teeth have “relatively” white look. But the comparison with the VITA scale showed my, that I was wrong. I startet with a value of 2-3  in the middle section.

VITA Weißheitsskala

Therefore I have tested the products 2 weeks full of motivation and have come to the following conclusion:

I actually think the products are easy to use. You just replace your everyday products by the BlanX White Shock products. The taste is comparable to that of conventional toothpastes and also the mouthwash tastes very refreshing.

But the best part of the whitening treatment is the result. I was able to achieve an improvement of almost 2 stages without much effort.

VITA Weißheitsskala Ergebnis

If you want to do the self-test, you can get all the information here. You can buy the BlanX White Shock products  from 4.99 Euros in the dm- Drogerie, at Müller and BUDNI.

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