My shopping hacks to save a lot of money

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It would be a lie if I tell you that I’m a role model when it comes to my money managing skills for shopping. As long as I can remember, I’ve always done several part-time jobs to earn my own money. During my studies, I additionally sold my clothes on portals like Kleiderkreisel or Mädchenflohmarkt. I only reinvested this money and bought new items. This rule works quite well for me still and helps me to keep a balance between new purchases and discarded clothing.

Still, I’m aware that my passion is very costly. Therefore, in recent years, I have acquired some very helpful rules that assist me to save money while following my great passion, shopping.


1.Invest in timeless garments, which are fashionable even many seasons later. For this reason, I own many T-shirts, blouses and dresses in white or black, because you’re never wrong choosing these colors.

2.For fashionable or very eye-catching clothes I often wait for them to be on sale.  When it comes to buying prints and bright colors, the majority of the purchaser are hesitating. Due to that fact, very eye-catching clothing is often still available at the end of the sale.

3.Combine old clothes with new accessories. This way you can avoid new purchases and wear a whole new look. Todays look for example is a creation of a simple dress and a hat from my boyfriend.

4.Right now, it seems as if young adults are getting new designer clothes every week without batting an eyelid. However, this is only the beautiful glow of the Instagram world. This fact should be pointed out and never be forgotten. It should be seen as an incredible exception to buy a bag in this price range and in this case you shouldn’t´t let yourself be influenced by any trends. It makes more sense to decide for one piece and to look for the best deal. Even with designers pieces you have the chance of discounts and great vintage treasures. I have also bought this red Poenza Shouler bag secondhand.


xo Maike





Dress: Zara (similar here)

Bag: Provenza Shouler (here)

Boots: Marccain (similar here)

Hat: Asos (here)

Scarf: Vintage (similar here)


* This blog post contains PR sample and affiliate links


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