Make-up tips for a long lasting & radiant day make-up

*In cooperation with Max FactorSchminktipps für ein langanhaltendes Make Up

The day make-up should primarily be conspicuously unobtrusive.

And this is exactly where the secret of a radiant complexion lies. We women have high demands on our appearance and therefore also on the cosmetic products we use. In the best case, small impurities are evened out and covered for a long time without leaving a mask-like product veil on the face. It should emphasize our advantages, make us look fresh and not artificial. That this is actually possible, I prove it to you with my make-up tips for a long lasting & radiant day make-up:



1. Miracle Prep Illuminating + Hydrating Primer

Every morning after getting up I make myself a coffee, turn on the news and start my daily beauty routine. This always includes cleansing the face and preparing it for make-up at the same time with the appropriate care.  This is exactly where the secret weapon, the primer, comes into play! Who doesn’t know it? Just a few hours after application, the foundation is almost invisible, because the skin absorbs individual components of the foundation during the course of the day and at the same time produces fat on which the make-up particles have no hold. Applied to the skin before applying make-up, a primer ensures that the make-up lasts longer. The ultra-light formula provides the skin with sufficient moisture through glycerin, while panthenol and vitamins make it glow. Elastomers ensure that the Max Factor primer is easy to apply to the skin and does not settle in the pores.

Max factor Primer

2.Radiant Lift Foundation

Finding the right foundation can be a science in itself. Because there are not only many different products on the market, but also many different skin textures, which must be perfectly met by color nuances and texture. Achieving an even complexion is therefore a challenge. If the wrong foundation is used, the result can easily look unnatural. In the best case, the make-up melts with the skin after application and is not applied like a mask.

The Radiant Lift Foundation was developed by Max Factor especially for women who love a long-lasting radiant and even complexion. The pleasant texture provides the skin with sufficient moisture thanks to a hyaluronic acid complex, while the sun protection factor 30 provides all-day protection and helps to reduce the risk of premature skin aging due to exposure to sunlight.

Small tip for the foundation purchase: If your skin is very dry, do not use powdery products and if your skin is very oily, do not choose a rich foundation. The correct color is best tested on the neck, as the color of the face is often falsified by redness or pigmentation spots. If the make-up melts with the natural skin tone and does not look yellow or red, it is the right shade.

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation

Max Factor Radiant Highlighter

My personal insider tip for an extra portion of Glow is to add a little liquid highlighter to the foundation. The light-reflecting pigments let the skin shine additionally!

In addition, I apply the highlighter to the areas of the face that are kissed by the sun. Under the eyebrows, on the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose, in the inner corner of the eye and above the lip heart. This highlights the areas and at the same time supports a naturally radiant complexion.

Max factor Radiant Lift Concealer

3. Radiant Lift Concealer

Short nights and stress primarily affect our eyes and the surrounding area. The eyes appear small and the darker coloring of the cursed dark circles makes us look exhausted. The Radiant Lift Concealer is enriched with Vitamin C & E and light-reflecting powder, which covers irregularities, redness and dark circles. The integrated cushion applicator guarantees simple application and effortless veneering. To reduce the risk of the concealer settling in the fine wrinkles after a few hours, the eye area can be gently dabbed with a cosmetic tissue.

Max factor Lasting Performance Setting Spray

4. Lasting Performance Setting Spray

A setting spray is certainly only used by a few make-up professionals among you so far. It can be used to fine-tune the day make-up and to fix it for up to 8 hours. The anti-smearing technology refreshes the look and gives the make-up an all-day finish. The spray leaves a refreshing and calming feeling and is also enriched with cucumber extract. Especially in summer or for special occasions, I like to use this tool to fix the result.

Langanhaltendes und strahlendes Tages Make-Up

There do not always have to be many products and make-up layers to conjure up a beautiful day make-up. The basis is always the correctly applied foundation, which can be rounded off with additional products. Because as so often in life, less is more at least sometimes.


xo Maike
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