Beauty Hacks – Two of the most underestimated beauty topics

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Lately, I have been researching a lot about the topic Blue light. The light which radiate from our TV, Laptop and Smartphone in our face is not ideal for our skin. The HEV light sets free radicals in our skin free and damages it consequently. That also means our skin is aging faster through this light. When I first read this, I had to take a deep breath because I spend more than half of my day in front of my Laptop and smartphone. Therefore, my skin is confronted with the blue light almost the whole day.

The more I was happy when I found the 3 in 1 facial oil from Annemarie Börlind. The oil helps to protects our skin with its triple effect against the blue light. The dry oil enters the skin surface fast and leaves a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin. The three active ingredients, anti-blue light, anti-oxidation and the anti-aging help exactly with the issues the HEV light brings and even protect the skin of early aging. I use the oil additionally to my daily facial skin care and can therefore work with clear conscience with my laptop and smartphone in front of the blue light.

By the way, I changed my phone settings into night shift, it changes the colors and does not radiate blue light. The color spectrum is warmer and therefore doesn’t affect the skin as much and its easier on the eyes. Furthermore, you can find protective foil for your screen against the blue light online.

With these easy tricks you can protect your skin and yourself for the dangerous blue light.



Most of the time we forget to take care of the eyes, to be specific the skin around the eyes. Although this area needs the most care because it’s especially delicate and sensitive. The area around the eyes consist of less fat and collagen structure and has a very thin skin layer in comparison to the rest of the face. That´s why you can spot small wrinkles easier cased by dryness and facial expressions. Especially during fall and winter time I can relate to this feeling a lot. The dry heating air and the frequent flying strains my skin very much and sometimes I can feel tension around my eyes. However, if you take good care and use the right products you can perfectly counteract.

Eyes are the mirror of the soulBlinking, winking, smiling and crying. Every emotion moves the skin.

Not only a rich cream for the eyes is important but also the right care for in-between. Sometimes it is not enough for me to use my skin care in the morning and evening and I need immediate help. Therefore, I need something with an instant effect. Especially after flying I pay extreme attention to provide my skin with a lot of moisturizer and the right products. One of my absolute favorites are the eye pads. Highly concentrated moisture in form of botanical hyaluronic acid softens lines and wrinkles and keeps the natural moisture content of the skin. The skin around the eyes is refreshed and smoothed immediately.

Whenever I am on the go, I have a few eye pads in my beauty purse to be able to react immediately. By the way the eye pads are great for flying. Just put them underneath your eyes, close them and relax.






xo Sonja
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