White Summer Dress – Death Valley

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“Dance like nobody’s watching”

Everyone probably knows this saying. But is this really about dancing? Probably not. But dancing describes this metaphor best. It’s about releasing your worries, turning your mind off and just forgetting everything around you. How often do you see people who are no longer themselves but only puppets of society. Too much controlled by the thoughts of others. Far too strict and controlled. It is whispered and judged. How often do you hear the sentence …

“What would the others think?”

But one thing I can tell you – I don’t care! As long as it is not constructive criticism, I do not care about any negative vibes of others. And even though I’m more in the public eye than others, I still concentrate on myself and always try to be myself. Not only myself, no, I always try to be the best version of myself. And this includes my crazy side, with funny dance moves,  funny faces and hilarious laughter. And yes, people look confused and weird every time, but that’s the only way I can be when I turn it all off and just have fun. Because why care about the opinion of strangers, if at the same time your loved ones have fun with you? If I can give you a short advice on the way, then …

“Never lose your humor, do not take life seriously, enjoy life and do not care about others’ opinions!”
xo Kira

Die schönsten Sommerkleider in weiß:


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